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Wasteland 3 Trouble In Little Vegas conclusion

The Big Boss

Hello everybody.

The last part of this quest takes place in the nightclub.

After your conversation with Charley head inside and ” egg on” the 2 guys that are arguing. This will cause the nightclub enforcer to leave his post at the computer giving you the opportunity to hack into the HVAC system, now when you talk to Byrgo you’ll be able to arrest him because he doesn’t want the nightclub to burn down.

If you decide to make the deal where you get Delgado and he provides personnel for the armory at HQ you’ll be met by Marshal Lupinski when you leave the office and he wants Byrgo arrested. At this point you can side with the Marshals but doing so you’ll have to head back upstairs and fight Byrgo. If you go against Lupinski you’ll have to fight pretty much everyone downstairs, although the nightclub personnel will be friendly at first but when the marshals are defeated they’ll turn on you. In either one of these scenarios you’ll be heavily out numbered so your chances are slim. One thing though if you fight Byrgo and are able to focus on him he’ll give up if he gets low on health, I was able to do this once. After you arrest him you’ll be given a choice to either give him to sheriff Daisy or have him picked up and brought to the brig at HQ. The sheriff prefers to have him locked up at the marshals station.

Delgado is in the back room. Behind the bar is the staff lounge with several Capos but they won’t bother you as long as you don’t try to loot the ammo and medical boxes that are in the far right corner. The room on the left has a locker, ammo box and drug stash. In the video I said the drug stash needed lock picking 3 or 6 , it’s actually lock picking 4 that you need.

The room behind this one is equipped with holding cells. Delgado is in one and a safe,amour crate, and a grenade box, which I missed in the video, in the other. You’ll still be able to open the cell where Delgado is but you’ll either need nerd stuff 4 or lock picking 5 to open the other doors. The safe is lock picking 6. The large container outside of the cells requires lock picking 2 and has a little bit of everything including a skill book.

All that’s left is to go back to the marshals station and talk to sheriff Daisy. Delgado will now take care of your armory.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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