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Wasteland 3 Trouble In Little Vegas part 1

My squad outside the nightclub

Hello everybody.

Before I headed into the nightclub I talked to Silas to argue a case for Austin and have him go work at HQ.

On the way to the nightclub I met the former curator of the museum standing in front, and after a brief conversation found out how to get into the museum which you’ll need to know for another quest. She also agreed to work at HQ.

In the nightclub I first talked to Charley Knowes who tells you some tall tales but in the end says he hasn’t seen Delgado.

Next is Faran Brygo himself but on the way up you’ll be stopped by the nightclub enforcer who is guarding the computer. He tells you everything you need to know about hacking it and in what circumstance he would leave the computer, so you’ll know what to do later.

The conversation with Brygo wasn’t very fruitful as far as Delgado is concerned so head back downstairs and find the customer called Shakes. Doing this side quest will provide the $ 100 that you’ll need to bribe Ken Doll. You’ll have to retrieve his stash from the safe in the private party room. If you can talk your way past Boulder that will make this a lot easier and you’ll save on ammo and health. Once you give Shakes his stash and collect the fee go upstairs and talk to Ken Doll at the front desk, he’ll tell you that he say Charley taking Delgado into the back room. So go back and talk to Charley again, after you tell him you know that Delgado is in the back he’ll tell you it wasn’t Brygo but it was their man MacTavish in the machine shop.

That’s it for part 1

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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