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Wasteland 3 Trouble In Little Vegas part 2 Machine Shop


Hello everybody.

This part of the quest takes place in the machine shop which is located across from Pillory Square.

When you enter the machine shop you’ll be faced with five thugs, a dog, and a turret. It’s up to you if you want to talk to them and go through all of the dialogue options, however they will use fowl language and in the end they won’t let you in anyway. I initiated combat with Buckshot and disabled the turret with Simo. The armour crate contains some armour and a repair kit. The headgear has mechanics +1. Now with the squad in the door area use the intercom and Mactavish will let you in. The dialogue options are many and before you leave you’ll have to decide what to do with him. If you kill him you can collect his face mask that has +3 amour, +1 mechanics, and +1 toaster repair. In one of the lockers there’s a mechanics skill book. I arrested him and sent him to HQ.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming.

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