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Smuggler Leader

Hello everybody.

This quest is started by talking to Gideon Reyes in Broadmoor Heights. The parking lot where the smugglers have their base is located to the north of the Bizarre so take the first left on the road and it will be just across the bridge, to the right is where the duffel bag with the doll was.

As you start to cross the bridge you will be warned not to come any closer. There are 9 smugglers and 2 turrets so you are at a disadvantage and every one of them, for me, were red skull enemies. I positioned my whole crew behind the barrels on the right, I’m pretty sure I was out of range of anyone on the higher section, except the rocket launcher, of the parking lot. The smuggler that you want to get out first is the guy with the rocket launcher,once he’s out you can just stay behind the barrels until everybody that ran down is eliminated. I initiated combat with my sniper and luckily I got a second shot at the rocket launcher. That still wasn’t enough so I had to move Sparky up to finish the job. The rocket launcher was out of action but it left Sparky exposed however it saved the rest of the squad from damage on their first turn because Sparky took it all and just survived. When my turn came around I was able to get Sparky back behind cover with her health partially restored. I used smoke to conceal my squad and started to deploy turrets. I also threw 1 Molotov which helped with the smugglers that ran down. At one point I had 5 smugglers right in front, and just on the other side of the barrels. This time the turrets were effective, they took out the last smuggler and eventually both of their turrets.

With everyone down below taken care of it was time to move to the upper park of the parking lot to take out the last 2 smugglers. The smugglers were behind cover so the turrets down below didn’t do much and up above I could only shoot through window openings. At one point Mcbane had the smuggler on the left almost out and it was Kwon’s turn to move into position, I should’ve shot the smuggler that Mcbane was attacking and that would’ve finished him off, instead I shot the smuggler that was closer. After my squad was finished attacking on this particular turn the turrets fired but missed most of the shoots. This resulted in the 2 smugglers regaining some of their health and prolonging the battle. I had another chance with my sniper but I didn’t realize I had my pistol equipped and thought I was out of range, so I moved him instead of shooting. The other thing with Kwon was he was using a gun that used spikes for ammo and I had run out of spikes, luckily kwon had just enough ap for 1 more shot with his alternate weapon, the smuggler only had 12 health left so it didn’t take much.

There are several loot boxes as well as a safe. The safe, lock picking 7, has $ 484 and the Grid Iron Helmet. The various containers have a little bit of everything, definitely worth collecting it all.

The refugees are locked in a room to the right of where you first entered. After talking to them you learn that they need transport back to Colorado Springs and that Momma Cotter was involved with the smugglers, so go back into the Bizarre and find Pareidolia Jones who is standing on the left side of the food court. It will cost you $300, most of the $484 that was in the safe.

Now go back to Colorado Springs. Momma Cotter is in front of the garage, you’ll have to decide what to do with her, arrest her or let her go, but as Kwon says Reyes would want her in jail and he’d be a powerful friend to have. I arrested her and locked her up at HQ.

To bring the quest to an end travel back to Broadmoor Heights and talk to Gideon Reyes. You’ll receive a moncle, $114, and he offers to be your political advisor. In my case this completed the Full House quest also, with the mechanics that Reyes provided.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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