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Wasteland 3 Upgrading Kodiak And Heading To The Monster Army Bunker

Entrance to the bunker

Hello everybody.

This video is just tying up a few loose ends, getting a couple of quests started and preparing the Kodiak to do the Cinema Verite quest.

There is a cyber chicken in the church that I didn’t take before but now that I have animal whisperer 4 I can take it to HQ. Once you arrive in HQ Charlie Knowes will radio you a proposition to take over the Bizarre, this is the first quest that’s started. Just ahead on the right is a woman named La Perla, this is the second quest which involves tracking down an escaped slave, she gives you the code to enter the first vault and the promise of the code for the second vault once you return the slave to her. The first quest can be done a few different ways, or not at all and as for the second quest I don’t think you have to do it if you prefer not to, but that quest gets done much later. The cyber chicken gets dropped off at the chicken coop.

In order to travel to the bunker you have to upgrade the Kodiak. Now that the Unwelcome Guests quest is completed the garage is staffed with mechanics and a chassis upgrade is available. It won’t be cheap however, I opted for the more expensive one which cost me $1674 and that’s with a -7% barter bonus. After I bought the upgrade I went to the vault which is through the medical bay. The chest there contains some tank armour and a PDA utility that gives you nerd stuff + 1. Back in the garage if you talk to Randy Gett you’ll get the vehicle combat perk . Having done all that I forgot to equip the upgrade for the Kodiak and I traveled to the bunker with no radiation protection.

Traveling to the Bizarre first will make the bunker easier to find, it’s not really that far from there. Travel south from the Bizarre and stay to the left until you go through the wooden gateway, then turn right, when you see a pump keep to the left of it. Continue until you pass the another pump and the bunker will be there on the left. As you can see every member of my squad was at half health when I arrived at the bunker, so when you get the upgrade don’t forget to equip it.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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