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Mcbane attacking the Scorpitron

Hello everybody.

This mission is brought to your attention when Ranger HQ calls and asks you to check out a distress call from a Tellurium mine that’s under attack by Martians. After the call a location indicator will appear onscreen that will make it easy to find the mine. You don’t have to do this mission right away, so you can go resupply at Ranger HQ if needed. I did this mission right after the Call To Action mission so starting at Union Station go back to the main highway. You might come across cache’s along the way so stop and check them for loot. When I opened the one I found it said ” Whoa! Jackpot!” and it turned out to have a lot of loot. When you get to the main highway turn left and follow a short distance until you can turn right, then follow the location indicator north until you reach the mine, you might hear the Scorpitron pounding around if you do you’ll know you’re getting close.

When you arrive at the mine site Bulb will be waiting for you outside. During your long conversation make sure you ask ” what’s in it for us ” to get the weapon modding skill book Forewarned is Forearmed. Behind the mining shack is a pile of junk and beside it Trudy’s dog house. You’ll also hear some static on your radio which means that one of Gary Wolfe’s synths is near by.

At the entrance to the mine is a malfunctioning robot, if you can repair it’s voice box it’ll give you a clue that another robot, Null Stack, is inside the mine. Null Stack is down the ramp straight ahead and is the only robot not engaged in combat. Here you have the option of helping his robots defeat the robots led by the synth, which means you only have to take out the synth, the scopitron, and 2 Octotrons . I didn’t talk to Null Stack and eliminated all of the robots. A note on weapons, it’ll make it slightly easier if you use plasma and laser based weapons. My sniper was the only one who was using one but I could’ve equipped everyone except Sparky with one.

When you enter the mine there’s a storage cutout with a grenade box to your right, this time it had a plasma grenade which is what you need for these robots. Straight up the ramp is the barter skill book in a broken robot. To the left of that is a computer terminal that controls a laser turret so whatever you decided this will take out one of Octotrons. Also Null Stacks bots will still fight the Scorpitron but will take shots at you if they can. From there I positioned most of my squad around the laser turret and prepared to started working on the Scorpitron. Earl the synth was taken out with one sniper shot when I initiated combat. For me that left 6 robots altogether. The Scorpitron has a starting health of 3126 and has auto turrets and flame throwers so it’s best to keep your distance until you know you can take it out on your next turn. My sniper did most of the work with the Neutron Projector riffle that I got from Nancy who was the arms merchant in the Denver Ruins, one shot did 963 damage, after that it was left with 555 health and that’s when I moved Mcbane down there to join the attack and the Scorpitron went down on the next turn. Oddly enough it was one of Null Stacks bots the lasted till the end.

Included in the loot is Earls head so that can be delivered to Gary back at Ranger HQ. Trudy is down by the Scorpitron so retrieve her caller, which has codes for operating the mine, and return it to Bulb. When he asks you if you got them all even if you helped Null Stack you can still say the mine is blocked by wreckage and he’ll accept that. If you tell him you helped Null Stack and let his robots go then he will be very angry with you and insult you with profane and vulgar language. So either take out all the robots or tell him that you did and everybody will be happy in the end. The only reward you’ll get is the weapon modding skill book.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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