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Wasteland 3 Wolfe’s Hunt and Slavers Bounty

Gary and crew at Ranger HQ

Hello everybody

Wolfe’s Hunt and Slavers Bounty are side missions that you can get by talking to Gary and La Perla who are both at Ranger HQ.

La Perla wants you to locate a girl she say she owns and for a reward she’ll give you the entry codes for the sealed rooms behind the medical bay. The girl Hallie can be found camping in front of the ranger station in Colorado Springs. During your conversation with her you’ll have the choice to either give her a warning about La Perla or lie to her and in doing so deliver her into La Perla’s hands. I decided to warn her and as a result the loot that I gave up is as follows:

From the weapon crate on the right, Nuclear Knight’s Helmet level 15, power armor helmet level 24, 2 laser turrets, power gauntlet level 21, an emp grenade, SR2000-Argent sniper rifle level 21 plus some miscellaneous items.

From the weapon crate on the left, commandant’s helmet level 15, power armor legs level 24, and an incinerator flame thrower level 21.

At Ranger HQ I talked to Gary first. As a reward for completing the Wolfe’s Hunt mission I received $ 1140 and he also gives you a skill book, Dick Markowitz’s Stealth Squad which increases critical chance for the character of your choosing.

As for Le Perla and crew the only way to get the gear in second room is to deliver Hallie to her, so because I didn’t want to do that and I couldn’t arrest them my choices were to either let them go or kill them. I opted to take them out and not risk running into them later.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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