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Wasteland 3 Wolf’s Hunt October 11

Exhibit in the museum

Hello everybody.

This quest becomes available when you talk to Gary Wolfe who’s standing with a small group outside back at HQ. The quest takes place in Colorado Springs in the museum, which is the building in the center of the upper part of town and right in front of the Sans Luxe apartments. There is a side door that requires lock picking 3 or you can bust it down. Inside there are displays in every corner that you can listen to after you talk to Ol Baldy. The generator opens the door to the store room so you can either repair it or break the door down. Either way the room has a medical box and several small containers and one large one with a little bit of everything in it.

October 11 is in the display in the far left corner where the welcome sign is. Your best chance is to use nerd 4 on the synth, this will force the synth to identify itself and then you can decide to either let it go or terminate it. If you attack one of the others in the display this will also bring the synth out of the wood work, however now you will have to defeat every synth in the museum and in this early stage of the game that’s easier said than done. If you want to collect the loot from the displays you have to kill October 11 first, this way the synths won’t fight back.

Now return to Gary and give him the head, he’ll analyze it and locate 3 other synths. You’ll earn $ 171.

That’s it thanks for watching and happy gaming.

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