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Days Gone What Kept Me Going

Deacon and Sarah in the sprinklers

Hello everybody.

The mission What Kept Me Going is part of the I’m Never Giving Up story line and takes place in the Iron Butte region. It’s also a four part mission starting with What Kept Me Going, then I Knew These People, then Expect The Worst, and ending with We Couldn’t Take The Risk. The mission is unlocked after you complete the You Can’t Be Replaced mission.

What Kept Me Going.

To get the mission started go to Sarah’s lab, when you get there a cut scene will start Deacon and Sarah have a strained conversation about a DNA synthesizer and where to find one. The cut scene continues outside with the Colonel and the Captain wanting to know where they are going, seemingly satisfied by their answers they are told to carry on. They get on Deacons bike and the cut scene ends. Ride up to the Thielsen pass the same one that Iron Mike showed you when you rode over the mountain for the first time to Crater Lake. When you get to the camp where you killed the Rager a cut scene will play where a Militia Soldier tries to stop you from going any further, Sarah tells him to get out of the way and the cut scene ends. Continue down the mountain, I think on this part you are on auto pilot until you get to the tunnel. When you get to the tunnel another cut scene will play, when it’s over push the Hummer out of the way and ride through the tunnel to Cloverdale Lab. When you get to the gates a cut scene will play, Sarah logs into the system and opens the gates then they go inside and discover a corn field growing and being maintained, as they are taking it all in they are attacked by Cryers and have to take refuge in one of the cars. After a bit they get out of the car and start looking at all the cars that have people inside that have been shot. When the cut scene ends this part of the mission ends.

I Knew These People

This part of the mission is just following Sarah looking for a way into the lab, half way there they find another login pad, they also realize that Sarah has been locked out of the facility. Keep going to the back of the building, there will be a fire escape ladder that’s locked in the up position, shoot the lock to get the ladder to extend to the ground. When you get to the top another cut scene will play as Sarah logs in and opens the doors to the warehouse. The doors open and they enter the warehouse but Cloverdale security is waiting, the cut scene ends bringing this part of the mission to an end as well.

Expect The Worst.

When you first enter the warehouse you’ll be on the landing at the top of the stairs, down below will be 3 security personnel which are an easy target from your position. It’s optional to shoot the speakers, which are all through the facility, but it does quiet things down when you do. There’s a few more security guards in the next room including a heavy gunner, there’s plenty of good cover so there’s no need to go charging in and using up your med kits. At the top of the stairs there will be a couple of more security guards. The next door Sarah opens leads from the warehouse to the offices by a hallway with windows along both sides. There will be 2 security guards right away on the other side of the door and then snipers on the roof and on the catwalk outside. At the end of the hall is another panel for Sarah to use to open the door. This section is the offices, explore all of the desks for loot and in the right back corner is some Classified Virus Research, tourism collectible. Sarah can’t sign in at the next panel because her security clearance has been revoked. Deacon comes up with a plan for Sarah to go onto the roof and provide covering fire through the glass section in the roof. Since Sarah’s security clearance was revoked she’ll use one of computers in the office to give Deacon security clearance, don’t worry about remembering the number Deacon recites it automatically. When his id is made go back outside and give Sarah a boost onto the roof from the A/C unit. Once she’s up on the roof return inside and use your code to open the door. As soon as the door opens there will be 2 security guards shooting up at the roof, take them out and advance to the handrailing, once again you are on the high ground. There will be security personnel on the first floor as wells as reinforcements that come up the stairs at the back of the room. Your spot behind that panel at the guardrail will give you enough cover to take them all out. The last guard was hiding in the downstairs bathroom. When they’re all down head to the door upstairs in the back right corner. When you get close a cut scene will begin, Deacon breaks the door down and brings Jim out. Sarah questions him and at one point hits in the gut with the butt of her riffle, all the while Deacon is watching. They take Jim to the lab door and force him to open it, after he opens it Sarah shoots him in the head. Deacon just stands there in disbelief as Sarah enters the lab. The cut scene continues in the lab as Sarah retells the events in the lab in the before time and that it’s all her fault because she didn’t listen. When they are back outside Deacon wants to turn off the electric fence and radio Lost Lake to tell them about the food, Sarah leaves to pack the bike and Deacon heads to the switch room by the greenhouse and the cut scene ends. The objective is to turn off the electric fence but as you approach the switch room you’ll notice some Cryer Nests. I was able to take one nest out but I went a little too far and the cut scene was triggered, but it didn’t matter because the nest that I didn’t have a chance to get is around the corner and not a real threat. Once the nests are destroyed break into the switch room and throw the switch to turn off the power. Before you return to your bike a cut scene will play as Deacon contacts Lost Lake, at the end of the cut scene after he tells Rikki about the food he asks her if she remember that thing about lighting a candle, which is a reference to Rikki telling Deacon, in the mission Better To Light One Candle, “Maybe one day, stop and light a candle”. “It can get pretty dark and cold out there”. So with the recent behavior of his wife Sarah killing Jim in cold blood it’s giving Deacon more doubts. We’ll find out eventually what becomes of them. When you get back to your bike a cut scene will start as Deacon and Sarah get on the bike, the cut scene continues in the cabin where you first arrived in Crater Lake and had to kill a Rager, Deacon and Sarah spend the night and in the morning head back to Wizard Island. When you arrive there Sarah gets off the bike and takes the DNA synthesizer but before she leaves for her lab she kisses Deacon, Captain Kouri sees what’s going on and has a puzzled look on his face, so the plot thickens. When the cut scene ends this long mission will come to an end also.

This one pays a whopping 10 000 XP, 350 credits, 700 points in camp trust, and the I’m Never Giving Up and An Office And A Gentleman story lines will be updated and the Someone I Used To Know story line will be completed. You’ll also unlock the Remote Bomb craft recipe and some custom skins, and some custom accent both from the Someone I Used To Know story line

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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