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The Witcher 2 Assassin’s of Kings Enhanced Edition The Eternal Battle

Hello everybody

For the first part of this quest the way I did it was move forward just until the wall of flames pops up behind and the enemy soldiers should notice you and come and attack. They’ll only attack once and turn and return to the standard when this hap[pens  you can hit them in the back. At first it seems too difficult but when you learn the trick it becomes simple. It helps if you have the parry skill in this quest because you wont be able to roll or dodge when you’re playing the part of a ghost.

For the second part where you  have to run and take cover it’s just getting the timing right.

The Part where you’re fighting as Selkirk I tried to use the tree on the left as kind of a chock point so I  didn’t have to face all three at the same time. It becomes easier once one of the attackers is down. The remaining 4 soldiers can all be one at a time if you move into their territory slowly.

For the final boss I used traps to soften him up at first and I found it better to keep moving when he called for archers and trebuchets rather than trying to take cover. Once his shield is gone you can start to be a little more aggressive keeping your quen up at all times, once again a fight that seems almost impossible is doable when you use the  right strategy.

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