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The Witcher Ehhanced Edition Directors cut Dog catcher of Vizima

Hello everybody

I did this video again because the old one was just the ending, so now it’s complete from start to finish.

After accepting the job from the gravedigger I went to Kalkstein’s house only because it is the closest place to rest. Once inside I spoke with Kalstein and that gave the option to rest, so I rested until midnight and went outside. At first the thugs didn’t have any dog tallow to loot, so I had to do the cycle of resting and going out a few times, once I got the first dog tallow I had to go out 4 more times. I didn’t edit the video for time so the length of the video is how long it took me to get the 6 jugs of tallow all from the salamandra thugs and all from a relatively small area.

Thanks for watching

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