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Days Gone He’s Full Of Crap

Deacon back at Sarah’s memorial stone

Hello everybody.

The mission He’s Full Of Crap is part of the I Remember story line and it takes place in the Hot Springs area.

When this mission becomes unlocked you’ll most likely be in the lost lake area so you’ll have to ride all the way back to hot springs. I started from Iron Mike’s and stopped for gas and collected loot along the way, there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary that happened. I cut out the middle part of t he video ending just after I turned onto Old Belknap Rd. and rejoined just before the Abandoned Nero Refugee Camp.

When you arrive at the Refugee Camp there may be marauders and or Freakers, once they are dealt with all that’s left is to go to Sarah’s Memorial stone. When you interact with the stone a cut scene will play showing Deacon updating Sarah.

That’s it quick and easy mission it’s just a bit of a ride from Iron Mike’s but now that your in the area you can do the other mission for Tucker. For this mission you’ll get 2000 XP and the I Remember story line will be updated

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