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Days Gone Wagon Road Ambush Camp

Sizing up the situation

Hello everybody.

The Wagon Road Ambush Camp is part of the Ambush Camp Hunter story line and it’s located in the Iron Butte region. The Ambush Camp is located north of the Nero Checkpoint at Rogue Tunnel but at this point it the game is not yet discovered so there’s no onscreen distance marker to follow. Starting from the checkpoint ride down to the gas station and take a right onto Hawks Beard Rd, follow this road until you see garages on your right. Ride past the first driveway and turn right on the second, there will be dirt road about half way in on your left, follow this road keeping left until you discover the camp.

As soon as the camp was discovered I parked in the first bush I saw, now that the camp is discovered you can go into your mission menu and select the camp, and the onscreen distance marker will appear. I went the rest of the way on foot. Continue following the dirt road until you see 2 vehicles, one of them a cop car, on the road and then turn right, now you can go directly in the direction of the marker, this will lead you to some bushes on the left side of the camp. This is where I staged my attack, I had taken out 13 of the 20 by the time I advanced going from log to log that are all along the left side of the camp. As it turned out there were only a couple of Rippers left on this side. My suppressor broke as I took out the 16th Ripper so that got their attention and a melee Ripper ran across the bridge that spans the camp around the middle. After I took him out and ducked behind cover I could see 2 or the last 3, one being a heavy gunner, on the other side, the heavy gunner went down with 2 shots from my sniper riffle and 1 shot took out the Ripper who thought he was behind cover. That left 1 Ripper who turned out to be at the beginning of the camp on the right side unaware that there was anything going on.

The bunker is in the shallow cave around the middle of the camp, this one pays 2500XP, 2550 credits, 600 trust points, a craft recipe for an attractor bomb, and the Marauder Camp Hunter story line will be updated.

After you clear this camp access to Hot Springs will be opened.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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