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Greedfall Scholars in the expedition part 1

we’re looking at the scholars campsite

Hello everybody

In this video I start the quest and find the scholars campsite.

The location that you want to travel to is the valley of the great battle and the camp of the stone arch campsite. From there go left and either sneak around the beasts or take them out. There is a ledge on the right that leads up to another area with beasts, they are all sleeping so if you don’t want to take them out you can sneak past. The path that you want to take is on the left so if you get to the next group of beasts you’ve gone too far. The path on the left leads to another ledge and just beyond that is the campsite. A search of the campsite produces a journal page and a trail of blood. As you follow the trail of blood you eventually come upon another group of beasts and past the beasts at the end of the trail is a corpse. On the body you’ll find a chest key so take it and back track and go on the trail that went right past the beasts and that’s where the isolated camp is located. The chest is inside the camp and inside is Aphra’s journal so the search continues.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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