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Greedfall The Attack On San Matheus

Defending the Outpost

Hello everybody.

This quest is started by talking to the Cardinal. After your conversion go back to your residence and fast travel to the outpost camp. Find the outpost Lieutenant and offer your help, you’ll have the option to take some time to prepare or wait till nightfall. When nightfall arrives several beast will enter the outpost. Before they got there I set some magic traps but it looks like the outpost personnel set them off instead of the beasts. There will be 3 waves of beasts, each wave more deadly than the last. I used my gun for the most part and my bomb skill when it became available. When you have defeated all of the beasts talk to the outpost lieutenant again and he’ll tell you of some scouts that he sent to investigate the origin of the beasts and where to find them.

Exit the camp to the east and go to the travel point on your left. Travel to Vedleug camp and follow your compass in a westerly direction, you’ll come across a group of Donsantats, keep following the path north. When you reach and opening with Donsantats to your right take the path straight ahead through the rocks. This is where the scout camp is but there is a group of Tenlans that must be taken out first. Now find the soldier that’s lying on the ground and give him a health to revive him. He’ll tell you that they found the creature but were unable to defeat it, he’ll also give you a key to a chest that contains a trackers map and scouts’ notes.

Continue heading east and you’ll go through a travel point, on the other side another group of Tenlans, there is a rock kind of in the middle that you can use to distance yourself from the beasts. When you have defeated this group of beasts climb the ledge, as soon as you get on top you’ll see a fallen tree with a chest on the other side with some coins and potion. After the chest jump down to an area where there is a campsite. Past the campsite is a raise area where the boss is.

This boss has several attacks and is very fast. The easiest way to defeat it is to use the stasis coating, it stays frozen long enough for you to reapply the coating and continue till it’s dead.

All that’s left is to go back and tell the Mother Cardinal what you’ve learned. You’ll earn 150 coin and 2000 xp.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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