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Greedfall Face to Face With The Demon

Nadaig Vedeman

Hello everybody

In this video I go to the swamp sanctuary and face the demon.

After speaking with Derdre in the last video she directed us to a sanctuary in the swamps. So because I was starting out from Derdre’s I had to travel to the swamp sanctuary in Vedvilve. As you leave the campsite the sanctuary will be to the right. There is a hermit at the entrance so as you approach a cut scene will start to play which is a back and forth question and answer session. After the cut scene you have to search the swamp so I went right as I entered the sanctuary and climbed up the ladder to the first location to be examined, it was a fresco of a red serpent. Continuing on to the left the next location is inside a stone structure but the image was too faded. The last location is to the right as you exit the structure but keep to the right and you’ll find the old Bridge Alliance camp. There are 2 chests one with a page torn from a journal and the recipe for the ritual and the other chest has the potion for the ritual. If you keep to the right when you leave the campsite you’ll get to a ledge, so climb up , this is where the last area is to be examine.

Return to the hermit and tell him your findings. You’ll go through a series of questions and the hermit will tell you about the ritual. After speaking with the hermit go down into the sanctuary and up the stairs to where the 3 drums are. The hermit spoke of the cycle with predator and prey so the order when playing the drums is insect first then the frog and last the snake. This will cause an alter of sorts to rise up out of the swamp. When you examine it you’ll notice stones so pour the potion on the stones. A short cut scene will play after which you’ll have to defeat the creature.

The creature has a couple of attacks, it’ll fling it’s face tentacles at you and spew a couple of different poisons at you, it can’t move very fast so you won’t have any trouble getting away from it when you need to recharge your health, you might not have to recharge at all.

You can be pretty aggressive at first and it helps if Siora stays in the game, she’ll heal you from time to time. I used a combination of the riffle and fury strikes. After the creature is defeated and the hermit is done freaking out on you return to Derdre and tell her what happened, she’ll be surprised to see you and since you survived she’ll ask you for help to liberate her people from the conversion camp which will be the next video.

You earn 1800 xp, a memory crystal and a medal of saint matheus.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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