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Wasteland 3 A Very Hostile Takeover

Flab giving last minute orders

Hello everybody.

This is one of those quests that can be done a few different ways.

First if you side with Charlie you’ll get $ 1000 and his key card for the safe in his hideout, the contents of Flabs safe , and another quest rescuing Quarex in the Warrens. However you’ll lose your 20% discount in the Bizarre.

Second if you side with Flab he’ll give you $ 570 for getting rid of Charlie and increase the Bizarre discount to 30%.

Third you can side with Charlie, get the contents from Flabs safe but then when the caravan master shows up side with him and kill Charlie also. This is the worst option because the Bizarre shuts down completely.

After weighing all of the options I chose to side with Charlie, so once you get to the Bizarre you’ll find Charlie up near where the smugglers camp was but instead of going into the parking garage turn left and it’s at the end of the road beside the inflatable gorilla. After you talk to Charlie he and his gang will go clear the Bizarre entrance for you. You’ll have to go down into the Bizarre and do the rest.

When you appear in the Bizarre a short cut scene will play where Flab gives some orders to his army before retreating to his office. The cut scene ends and your squad will be positioned behind cover and combat will automatically begin. The position that you begin in is pretty good. You are outnumbered 8 to 6 and their health ranges from 170 to 210 and they were all red skull enemies for me. The combat went very well and it could’ve went even better if I had used turrets, grenades, or molotovs.

The main battle is in Flabs office where you have the slight advantage 6 to 5. The office boys health ranged from 210 to 622 for Flab. There isn’t much cover there but you can position your squad on the outside of their detection circles. I started with Flab and got a really good first shot with Simo 516 damage so with a couple of more shots from other members he was down. The other 4 had health from 210 to 383. The first strike for Mcbane was a lucky shot that did a massive 638 damage and put that soldier out with one shot and still had enough AP for one shot to his partner. When I defended all three of them focused on Mcbane , when their turn was over Mcbane got the other guy leaving only two to deal with, which were easily taken care of.

The contents of the safe had a little bit of everything including a plasma capsule that modifies your chest armour to +1 and + 25 % healing bonus. The contents might vary slightly.

Back downstairs while you’re talking to Charlie, Pareidolia Jones, the caravan master, shows up to talk to Charlie on behalf of the merchants. Charlie tells him he’s in charge so either work with him or get out, Jones won’t accept Charlie running the Bizarre so if you have a persuasion skill is 6 or higher you can talk some sense into Jones and keep him alive, if not Charlie will shoot him.

Before you head back up to Charlies office the Quarex quest becomes available. In Charlies office you get $1000 and a key card for the safe in Charlies hideout outside .

That’s it thanks for watching and happy gaming

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