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Wasteland 3 Growlers And Waste Wolves Denver Ruins

My squad after I rescued the Razorback and took out the Growlers

Hello everybody.

When you return from the Machine Commune the camp that you cleared to gain access to the Commune is now infested with Waste Wolves and Growlers. You can do this before of after dealing with Tinker, but don’t wait too long or the Waste Wolves will kill the Razorback.

There are 5 Waste Wolves surrounding the Razorback. After the initial shot you could be left with 4 if you take out the first one in 1 shot which is what I almost did. The entrance to the area where the Wolves are provides plenty of cover and after you take out the Alpha Wolf the others aren’t much of a threat. The Razorback can now be tamed with animal whisperer 5, or 4 and the brush from Ananda at the exterior of the Bizarre.

There are 4 Growlers in the lower section of the camp. The area that you can attack from is very good with lots of cover and for the most part you’re on the high ground. I left my sniper on the bridge overlooking the Growlers and took out the first one in 1 shot. Taking out the Growlers was easier than the Waste Wolves, they only got a chance to move once but they almost took out Lucia when they did.

There it is, a nice little side quest for XP, loot, and the Razorback lasted all through the Denver Ruins and is still going strong.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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