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Hello everybody

On the Dreadful Whale all there is to do is talk to Daud and look at all the posters and books, then you have to travel to Upper Cyria via the carriage.

When you arrive in Upper Cyria, the easiest route to the black market is to use displace and go onto the balcony to the right and then onto the stone railing. It’s says you’re in hostile territory but there’s nobody in this area of town that’ll raise the alarm unless you threaten them.

As you go up the stairs there will be a man painting and to the right an arched doorway. Jump up onto the pipes to get by the 2 sleeping wolfhounds. At the end of the pipes there will be a balcony to the left, use displace and travel to it, from there make your way around to the left until you’re on a stone ledge across from a wide balcony. Displace your way to the balcony and enter the apartment. Inside there will be some loot. Exit the apartment and go across the hall into the apartment at the end. This apartment has some loot although not as much as the first apartment. Exit through the left door onto a small balcony. Below and to the left is the black market. I used displace to make my way down onto the black market level, and that’s all there is to it.

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