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Dishonored 2 alternate route from harbour to black market Ravina boulevard

Palace district Harbour

Hello everybody

I noticed that I missed an area when I was editing one of the video’s so in the process of making this one I found another way to get to the black market.

After you talk to the hobo you can reach up to a wooden platform to the right of the stairs. Once you’re up there you can reach up to a pipe that’s running across the building that leads to an open window. Inside the apartment is a bone charm, whale bone and 3 ivory scrimshaws.

From there you can either go up to the balcony on your right or like I did go into the Winslow safe store. Caution must be exercised because there is a guard upstairs shaking down the owner so wait till they are finished, then you can loot the cash register. There is a rewire tool in the glass case but I didn’t need it and it would probably make too much noise to get it.

From there it’s the same way to the black market as the previous video.

Thanks for watching

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