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Dishonored 2 rescuing Anton Sokolov

Painting of Anton Sokolov

Hello everybody

Now that Kirin has been dealt with the only thing left to do was to rescue Anton.

Before I went there I back tracked up to Kirin’s bedroom and got 1 bone charm. I left the bone charm that was under glass because breaking the glass would have awakened the clockwork soldier.

From the bedroom I headed back down to the elevator and and on to the assessment chamber. I removed the whale oil tank from the wall of light to gain access to the chamber area.

When I arrived at the chamber I flipped the switch and waited till the clockwork soldier was on the right side and went into shadow walking mode and stepped on the floor tile actuator. You can probably do this part by avoiding the clockwork soldier but I found it much easier to destroy it.

Once the reconfiguration was complete I went to the far left corner and step on that tile and when that change was complete I went to the right corner leaving a couple of spring razor grenades in the hall where the clockwork soldier would shortly be traveling. With the soldier destroyed I could freely move around and find Anton.

When the coast was clear I carried Anton up onto the roof of the assessment chamber and over to the right side walkway where there is an opening to get up to the passage ways behind the walls.

From there it was pretty much clear sailing retracing my steps back to the exit and on to the skiff. One thing to note here is if you didn’t get rid of the 2 guards in the station when you traveled to upper Aventa then they will be there when you return with Anaton and your stealth run will be ruined.

Thanks for watching

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